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Welcome! You have arrived in Chesham Bois Village.

Situated in south Buckinghamshire, Chesham Bois Village has a population of around
3,000 residents, four village shops, a couple of post boxes and a church dating back to the 12th century.

Chesham Bois Village has an interesting mix of native residents – people who have been here over a generation – and those who have moved in from London suburbs for the good schools, relaxed lifestyle and clean air.

Chesham Bois Village rests in the famous Chiltern hills. Ramblers and cyclists explore the area throughout the year. Its features are popular subjects for amateur photographers, artists and those seeking an escape from the city’s pace.

Visit the History page for a chronology of our village, have a look at the images and read the village newsletter – Bois Own. Emails and feedback are welcome so please don’t be shy - make contact!



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